Friday, October 29, 2010

Scary Spice Nearing Florida

Yup, that's my friend Scary Spice, back there on my aero bottle cages on my tri bike. She goes everywhere with me and she has seen some stuff. As I see where we are headed, Scary sits back there thinking about where we've been. Sometimes we chat. I might train alone, but I'm never really alone, which is nice.

Scary is somewhere in the midwest right now, on a transport truck. I dropped her off with explicit instructions to protect our bike on Tuesday, and she will meet me, with the bike, at the transition area in Florida one week from today. There were already some bike friends lined up to go with them.

I hope they are having a safe trip. I'm sure Scary will tell me all about it when we meet up next week.

What?!?!? Next week?!?! How did we get from "months away" to "next week" ?!?!?

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