Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lookie What Sporty Got!


Yes, it is upon us. Sporty's first triathlon is this coming weekend and we are training hard. Stay tuned....

As promised, June in our household was nuts. It started off with our aforementioned visitors. Brett has just posted his podcast from Escape From Alcatraz on so both his Ironman Texas podcast and this latest ones contains bits of audio from their trip here and glimpses of life at our house. So fun to listen to on my runs this week.

While our houseguests were here, our little family actually had to leave for an overnight to the Mister's parents' up north several hours where we attended a graduation party for our eldest neice as well as a 50th anniversary party for his parents. The next week contained Sporty's kindergarten graduation and end-of-year festivities. The weekend before last, the Mister did his third-this-year 200 mile ride so Sporty and I were on our own and made it to the local Wildlife Museum and to see Mr. Popper's Penguins, which we very much enjoyed. The following Monday my good friend gave birth to her first baby, a little girl named Madeline and I was lucky enough to see both mommy and baby in the first 12 hours after her arrival. So amazing! And I couldn't be more thrilled for her.

And all along, I was finishing 3 weeks of major training (some might say overtraining--but I had the time and it felt ok). 70 mile rides, 15 mile runs and trips to the summit of Diablo each week for starters. And getting ready for a June 26th feral cat spay neuter clinic....


Our clinic went well, if a bit smaller than we'd like. We fixed 60 cats. One cat didn't make it through surgery, which is always hard. He turned out to have an enlarged heart that we couldn't have known about and which just couldn't handle the anesthesia. But on the upside, one little itty bitty calico kitten with the saddest eyes I've ever seen, who was too tiny to be fixed that day, went home with one of our volunteers, and is going to live her life in one of the best homes I know of.

Belated Race Report: San Jose International Triathlon--1500 yard swim, 26 mile bike, 10K run.

It dawned on me the morning of the race that it had been about 3 years since I've done a race this short! This race is flat and fast! And the weather was very cool, which I have never experienced there. The swim start was chilly and almost everyone was shivering, despite the wetsuits. A great improvement this year was that they changed the swim course, from the old one where you practically need a map and a gps unit not to get lost on all the weird turns, to two nice triangles. The sun came out soon into the bike and I was moving! My bike time turned out to be third fastest in my age group. I met my own goal on the run: just get it under an hour, which I was happy with after going so hard on the bike. All told, I placed 13th out of about 60 women in my age group. If I could just learn to swim, I could see top ten!

I did this race in the midst of my Cambiati diet experience which I have yet to give an update on. I finally finished my 28 days that involved the cleanse. Parts were tough, but other parts were easier than I expected. It was interesting, and the diet was rather involved and hard to sum up in a nutshell. But I accomplished my bottom line goal. In six weeks total, I lost 10 pounds and a significant percentage body fat, which has made such a difference training. And I must say, that I was able to put in these three high volume weeks without feeling nearly as beat up as I think I would have before.

SO, my plan, until Vineman 70.3, which is three weeks away, is to basically stick to the primary list of foods that you start this diet with (non-inflammatory, non-allergenic) and then start adding some foods back to do the last part, where you figure out what foods you might have reactions to. It's just working too well to mess with before that. One other thing I have grown fond of as part of this diet is the post-workout protien and fruit smoothie. I hadn't really tried this before, although so many people I know do it, and I swear it makes recovery faster. I also like the eating only at certain times of day thing. Only ten pounds away from ideal race weight now!
I am drinking my first cup of coffee as I write (in almost 8 weeks!)--although it's decaf. I'm a hard core coffee drinker and had never successfully kicked it before. So I'm loathe to ever go through that process again. And I must admit that my energy level is much more even without the massive caffeine intake. My ART person told me not to even go back to the decaf, that I was looking for my old habits, which I'm sure has some truth to it. So I thought about it for several days...and decided that if a cup of of decaf coffee with some lowfat coconut milk is my worst habit, then cling to it I shall!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Help! There is a Triathlete in My House!

Or, there was! This is now a very belated post, but I cannot miss writing about one of my most exciting parts of June!

THIS is the Blankner family from College Station, Texas! That's Emily, her husband Brett, and their six year old son, Kai. Now, they did not know me before they arrived, nor did I know them, perse, but I felt like I was the hostess to rock stars! Coach Brett does the most wonderful podcasts about triathlon and balancing life and family that can be downloaded at his website I started listening to him after finding them while rehabbing my broken leg. Brett's podcasts got me through my rehab and training, all alone, for Ironman Hawaii. I had to train at a walk, for anybody that remembers, and sometimes the only thing that got me out on that silly 6 hour training walk (ugh, hurts to even think about it!) was knowing I had one of his episodes to listen to. It was like having somebody there to train with, and not only was the guy a character and had a family just like mine (one triathlete, one other athlete/supporter and a six year old son), but he was funny and informative at the same time. SO, for the past couple of years I'd been thinking in my head, "wouldn't it be cool if I could somehow repay this Coach Brett fellow for all he has done for me, that he doesn't even have any clue about?!". Lo, and behold, a couple of months ago, Brett anounced in a podcast that he had qualified for the hard-to-get-into Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. I emailed him straight away and said, "Bring the family! Come stay at my house! I'll loan you one of our cars! Come and do this race!".

And out they came! I picked up my little adopted family at the airport the Thursday before the race and they were delightful! I felt like I had famous people visiting. We enjoyed their stay so much! Emily, who is a nurse and a runner, was so enjoyable to be with and Kai and Sporty Spice were a match made in heaven. And to get to talk tri with Brett in person was like a crazy dream come true. Brett met up with Jamie Patrick, the ultra swimmer who is planning to swim down the Sacramento river this summer, and that was interesting to hear about even second hand. We took the boys to the Space and Science Center which was fun. And Brett had a great race and got to check one of his dreams of his list at Escape From Alcatraz. It was so fun to have them here, it was actually a bummer when they left. I'm so glad I took a chance and sent my email to invite them. Triathlon truly is more than a sport. I know it is a lifestyle, but it is also a sort of family in many ways.

Check out Brett's podcasts and website at!