Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Little Bit of Training...and A Little Bit of Crafting...

Hello October!!  In a moment of probable insanity, I have decided to wrap up this disappointing triathlon season with a really solid, if not completely demented month of training before the inclement weather sets in.  So, we have:  Swimming!  Masters always goes on hiatus from about November to March, SO, I hereby decree that I shall go to both Tuesday and Tursday workouts all month. 
Next up, Riding!  As planned, I finished the Foxy's Fall Century in Davis yesterday.  One of my favorite rides, it was beatiful this year, no wind!  The Mister and Sporty Spice actually did the 50K on the Trail-a-Bike.  We are pretty impressed with a six year old who can ride over 30 miles.  Must be all that training I've been doing with him, riding that Trail-a-Bike back and forth over the hill to and from school a couple of times a day.  Oh, and that's not all on the riding front.  One century-great!  Five--even better!  How about one a weekend (the other four self-supported)?  I've already knocked out three.  And how's about a trip to the summit of Mt. Diablo every Tuesday this month?  Bingo.  We have a winner.
And last but not least, Running!  With the Cal International Marathon coming up the first weekend in December, it's time to step that up.  Running at least some five days a week.  Long runs inching up.  Last weekend my long run consisted of running to the start line of the Primo's Half Marathon about a mile into town, ran the race (with amazingly even 11 minute miles) and then shunned, shunned I tell you, the shuttle bus back to the start, and ran in true Forrest Gump fashion, all the way back home!  21.5 miles.
Some might look at this as late season training.  But no!  I see it as EARLY base training for next year!! 
And believe it or not, despite psychotic training, I completed a couple of crafting goals!  I'm participating in the Christmas ABC swap and I finished my 27 cards!!  Doing anything with a deadline these days freaks me out a little, but I did it and they are in the mail.

 I also took my second class at Castles In The Air:  Vintage Crepe Paper Decorations and Garlands.  Not the greatest picture, and I definitely need practice, but it was fun.