Thursday, October 7, 2010

Goodnight Little Thunder-Man

Thunder the pygmy goat came to us with his pygmy goat friend, Isabel, a little over a year ago, when his parents had to move to retirement living. He was an older goat when he arrived, but was the sweetest spirit, friendlier than Issy. The two of them were so funny to watch, like a little older couple, butting heads, literally, over the food bowl. They made friends with the two little larger goats next door and the four became inseparable in the past several months. We are so sad this week, as Thunder has left us to go over the Rainbow Bridge, "to the trail" to join Gracie, and Buddercup and Phaedrus and so many others we have loved and lost. Isabel is lost without him; we will have to find her a pasture pal soon. For now she is hanging out as close to her two nextdoor neighbors as the wire fence between will allow. Goodnight little Thunder-Man.

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