Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Boy Is Nine

My sweet Lance is nine years old today. He got a birthday walk thismorning, and a trip to the dog park this afternoon...

and a dozen "pupcakes" to share with his friends, doggie ice-cream, and a week long sleep-over party with a foster dog named Bodie who will be here for a week (more on him later).

This dog is the love of my life. I have not had the heart to write much about it, but Lance was diagnosed with lymphoma last November. He went through one course of chemo and has been in remission until since about April. Upon his recheck this past week, his oncologist told me it looks like he is coming out of remission. We started another round of chemo last week and Lance is doing well. Ever since he started the first round, you would never know he was sick. But the future looks uncertain and I am readying to have my heart broken into a million pieces. But in the meantime, we will make is every day count. Happy Birthday Lance! Remembering when we found out you were born, and the day we picked you up and you were a fuzzy little 15 pounds.

On an oddly related triathlon note, Lance was born on July 26, 2002...the same weekend the Mister and I were in Lake Placid, NY, doing the only Ironman we have done together (and his one and only IM). With the thought that I'd do Lake Placid 2012, almost ten years to the day of Lance's birthday, as a bit of a tribute and way to grieve when we eventually lose him, I signed up when registration opened at 9am yesterday. The mister super-surprised me....he signed up too. Now, I hardly EVER bring this up (ok, not), but I beat him 10 years ago (I did wait so we could cross the line together!). This next endeavor ought to finish the marriage right off. But Lake Placid, here we come!

I had a fun post-Vineman rest week and actually did some of the "wild and crazy normal person things" I promised myself as a reward. Tuesday I went to (ready for this?) a movie! in the middle of the day! by myself! I went to see Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris --loved it. And I made it on my little adventure to find "Annie's Annuals and Perennials" the nursery I hear everyone talking about--worth it!--and to Scrapbook Territory and Castles in the Air, 2 stores on 4t St. in Berkeley! All these things so close to home, but it is just so rare to have a block of time to ever go. I had to scramble and didn't have a lot of time at any one place, but I did it!!

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