Sunday, August 8, 2010

Welcome to August--Month from Hell

We've known it was coming for awihle....and it is here. 21 days of somewhat unpredictable childcare, upping the training hours for Ironman Florida, and a clinic on the 22nd,for which we don't yet have a full team of vets...It's kind of like our own Tour De France--without the caravan.

If there is a daycamp happening, you can bet Sporty Spice is in it. And my bike and I are just about living in the car, and jumping out for a ride between shuttling him up and down the Tri-Valley area for the different camps. He may get some sort of frequent flier award at the gym childcare.

This weekend has consisted of training and getting ahead of the "animal-curve", cleaning, grooming, vaccinating, nail trimming, flea treating, and resolving the "great duck war of 2010". I was, however, rewarded, with my first chicken egg!

The last week of July Sporty Spice and I did 3 days of "Camp Mommy", which was very fun. No childcare, but tapering for Barb's Race meant we could do some fieldtrips and have some fun. We went to the dollar showing of "Hotel for Dogs" and it was surprisingly good! The portrayal of Animal Control was frighteningly spot-on, and had this mommy laughing out loud at all the inappropriate spots, where the kids were all afraid. We also went to the water park at the pool where I swim and S.S. finally got up the courage to go down the water slide.
The second day we went up to Tilden Park in the Berkeley Hills and rode the steam trains. Then we went to the Lawrence Hall of Science, a wonderful place I hadn't been to in years. They had a great exhibit on roller coasters and Sporty got to make a boat and float it down their water features outside.
The last day we went to Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. We used to live near a similar nature center and went there a lot. Lindsay is amazing and we got to see the most incredible presentation with a bald eagle.
We had such a fun time and I must say, I am really liking the 5 year old phase. It suits me much better than the infant/toddler thing and having only one kid, we really have fun together.


  1. Glad you are having so much fun together!!!


  2. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum! Having survived many a Camp Mommy myself, I know how fun and rewarding it can be to spend time with your child.