Sunday, August 15, 2010

Twelve Weeks Out--Ironman Meltdown

I am not entirely sure WHAT happened this week. Granted, it was a tough week. Second week of minimal childcare and trying to get one of our spay/neuter clinics together for a week from today. Sporty Spice went to Science Camp in the mornings and I scrambled to try to get the training done during that window. Then he and I were home most afternoons with me trying to work, feeling bad because I couldn't concentrate on the clinic and bad that I couldn't concentrate on my kid. By Thursday I was starting to disintegrate. By Saturday I had burst out in some sort of stress RASH (oh, it's lovely) all over. I had tried to re-group today, to no avail. I've got twelve, count em TWELVE weeks to pull this Ironman together. I feel so angry with myself and struggling to regroup. One more week until Sporty Starts kindergarten and I have lots to do in that area this week. I'm going to carry on with the plan, meaning this week is a Rest/Test week. I'm frustrated and worried. And itchy.

As a consolation, I did get done a few projects I had half-finished, which was nice. The roll of Cath Kidston wallpaper goes on. I finished this (somewhat large) serving tray I made from an old picture frame I painted white and added little feet to. I also added wallpaper to shabby up this little green table I bought at a yard sale years ago. And these little rocks....they are "memory rocks" I've been meaning to finish...with the names of all our precious foster bunnies we've had and have passed over the "rainbow bridge" in the past few years. The passing of our sweet Norton a couple of weeks ago finally got me going to make finally finish these.

The top photo is of some very cool little push pins I made to put on my new bulliten boards. A bag of craft buttons from Michael's, some thumb tacks and a glue gun. Presto.

My little training hiatus has also allowed me to finally get started on the 27 (yes 27) little alphabet pages I need to make by September 10th for the fun (but right now bitty bit stressful) abc swap I'm participating in. More on that later, I'm sure. I'm letter E, and was very relieved to see some emails this weekend from other participants, that they were not all that far along either.


  1. Love the crafts! You are channeling portland irvington district circa 1975! don't sweat the 100 days, great time for hiatus, then ramp it up in the fall!

  2. Love the little green table! So cute!

    Hang in there, Miss "E"!!!


  3. I wonder if I can put my employees in a day camp when I am training for Ironman Arizona 2011.
    You always make me try harder Kim and for that I love you.