Saturday, May 29, 2010

still learning...

okay, clearly I am still learning the ropes of this blog thing. I wasn't near done with my May commentary. And for someone as technically challenged as myself this whole inserting picture thing could take a while to get the hang of.

The Mister (husband) completed his second Double-Century, 200 mile ride in Davis, CA on May 15th. So Sporty-Spice (son, age 5) and I had a whole Mommy and Me weekend thing going. We started with the Chabot Space and Science Center after preschool on Friday afternoon. This is one of his favorite places and a very cool outing for kids of all ages if you are in the area (Oakland Hills). We stayed up way past our bedtime that night watching his favorite show, America's Funniest Home Videos and eating Trader Joe's pizza and frozen yogurt (wow, mommy IS off training, isn't she?).

Saturday started out with us doing our second 5K run/walk together, this one in Concord, benefitting Kops for Kids, a group that helps at risk youth. From there we went straight to the Oakland Zoo for Celebrating the Elephants Day. It was wonderful! We got to take a tour of the usually restricted to public elephant barns and make them "treat boxes" that the zookeepers tossed to the elephants that afternoon. They eat the whole thing, box and all, filled with hay and various goodies elephants love.

The following weekend Sporty Spice and I went to a Rummage Sale where he found and I bought a very large, extremely noisy Tonka fire truck (whose batteries may need to go missing in the very near future). And we also went to find us some "Mini-Love".

Although we didn't come home with one of those, we did come home with these a few weeks ago.

We passed by all the big tubs of cute little fluffy one week old chicks and went straight for the molting, bald four week olds that I was afraid wouldn't get a home. They don't have names yet. Any suggestions???

As I mentioned, the weather here has been incredibly rainy, windy and cool for May, making training soooo frustrating. Hours are ramping up now in the first cycle for Barb's Race and getting them in around the hours I have kid-free have been a challenge. And it just plain hasn't been all that pleasant. There was some roadside crying this week. But the weather man assures me that it is all about to change, starting TODAY. We are headed to Arnold thismorning for the weekend, and I plan to be on my bike from noon to six today. As god is my witness.

I had so much more crafting I wanted to do in my time off. The one thing I did accomplish was to participate in the Sweet Goodness Girls Vintage Cowgirl Swap. As my box should be arriving at my partner's doorstep today, I think it is safe to post a few photos.

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  1. That red star is my absolute favorite! Love the bandanna background. I can't wait to see what you get from YOUR partner!

    Crafting by Candlelight