Saturday, May 29, 2010

May In A Nutshell

What happened to May?!? Northern California saw it's most rainy May in many, many years and this made outdoor activities most unpredictable. I had quite a few projects on deck for my two "low training" weeks after Wildflower and before training for Barb's Race on July 31st really kicks in. I did get to take my much-coveted solo outing to Berkeley one morning and I went to the Art Museum and walked along Telegraph Avenue. It's been 20 years since I graduated!! Twenty?!?!? Two-oh?!? I was thrilled to see many of my favorite places still there. Milano, the cafe where I used to spend almost every evening studying, Intermezzo, the restaurant with the best ever salads and home-made bread. Moe's Books and Amoeba Records.....

My little respite of indulgence was hampered by a sick cat and a sick kid, but both are on the mend.

I did get in a few mountain bike rides on Mt. Diablo, my new backyard. All this late rain has left things green and wildflowers blooming.

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