Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome To My House Tour!

 This Christmas, our third in this house, it is actually starting to feel more like a home!  Every Christmas I seem to find one thing, be it baking, finding special gifts, something, that is my favorite part of that year's holidays.  This year, it seems to be decorating my house!  My favorite thing has been to be at home in the evenings, with all my Christmas lights on, and even better if there is Christmas music playing! 
So come on in.  If you were here, I would serve you some sugar free cocoa and healthy cookies when you came to the front door.  And you'd be greeeted by this snowman.
 And some birds of different species.

 Come on in to the entry way...

 This is the "formal" living room, still not entirely furnished, but fun to decorate as my "vintage Christmas" room!  Sporty Spice has set up his Disneyworld monorail set at the bottom of the tree there.
 My chairs I got last summer...now if only I could find a matching setee...sigh.

 Glittery ornaments from Big Lots!
 And ones I made from yard sale goodies!

 Possibly my favorite thing is my light up vintage village.

 Got that whole bowl of vintage beads at a yard sale for four dollars last week.
 And into the dining area...snowmen on the buffet...

 And on into the living room...come on in and sit down for a bit.
 I love this little white feather tree and sure wish I could get a better picture of it.

 The big tree is being circled by a remote control lego train this year.

 And welcome to my kitchen..
 And my bedroom...

 Bedroom tree.
 It's even Christmas on the nightstand.
 I have a fireplace in my bedroom.  How decadent is that?
 A nod to the tacky.
 And finally, what self respecting flock of chickens and a duck wouldn't want lights on their house as well?  The feral kitty house also has lights this year.
Hope  you enjoyed your stay and you are invited for New Year's as well...


  1. So lovely Kim! I wish I could see it in person!!!


  2. Your house looks beautiful ... how on earth do you keep the cats from destroying it?